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Joint Replacement Program

Joint Replacement Program

If you or your loved one is going through the process of Joint Replacement surgery, we understand how difficult it can be to provide the proper care and support needed to heal properly, help them regain their mobility, regain as much independence as possible and reach their maximum potential.

Joint replacement surgeries are challenging procedures accompanied by difficult recoveries. For optimum results, we believe the recovery process should start immediately after surgery, and in the comfort of your home. Paramount Home Health Services understands the challenges that the patients of joint replacement surgery face, offers a Total Joint Program, our joint replacement program that gives patients a head start on their in-home rehabilitation, enabling them to achieve improved progress towards regaining mobility.

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Some common issues patients face after surgery include:

  • Impaired Mobility

  • Gait Instability

  • Poor Balance

  • Impaired Endurance

  • Pain

  • Incisional Infection

  • Difficulty Completing Daily Tasks

As the surgical site heals, different challenges can arise. It’s important to have Skilled Nurses and Physical/Occupational Therapists on your side who can provide the care needed for proper recovery. Paramount Home Health Services can adapt their care to your needs or your loved one’s needs as they evolve during the recovery process.

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