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Medical Social Workers

Medical Social Workers

While doctors, nurses, specialists and more are all crucial to supporting the physical needs of a patient, the medical social worker assists behind the scenes with patients and families to ensure they have the resources they need to heal, as well as addressing their emotional and psychosocial needs. Medical social workers’ duties can be very different, depending on the unique needs of their clients, but they may be involved in meal planning, grief counseling, providing referrals for support groups and a variety of other services that support patients throughout their recovery.

At Paramount Home Health Services, we strive to better the lives of our patients. A patient’s quality of life is our top priority, and we endeavor to help them in as many ways as we can. If our skilled staff observes an unsafe situation or a patient in need of additional assistance, it is our responsibility to make sure that patient receives the support they require to better their situation.

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Paramount Home Health Services Medical Social Workers (MSWs) are here to help when our patients are in at-risk circumstances or are experiencing hardship. MSWs will perform a comprehensive assessment of the patient’s situation and make recommendations accordingly. MSWs can assist you or your loved one with:

  • Referrals

  • Financial assistance

  • Enrollment in services

  • Finding assisted living accommodations

  • Finding nursing home accommodations

MSWs will work together with you or your loved one to determine what services you require to better your quality of life.  All Paramount Home Health Services staff are licensed and insured and have passed local, state and federal background checks. We will work closely with you to design a plan of care unique to you or your loved one’s needs. For more information or to set up a free consultation with a Medical Social Worker (MSW), contact us at 888 628-4039, 239 688-1073, 239 689-8704.

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