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Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy

Speech pathologists are experts who treat issues including receptive and expressive language, articulation of speech sounds, phonological delays, stuttering, pragmatics, reading, literacy, feeding, swallowing and more. Speech and language therapy also addresses dysphagia, providing treatment to ensure safe and sufficient swallow when eating and drinking.

Communication is one of the most fundamental aspects of life. Suffering a stroke or other traumatic event can affect an individual’s cognitive abilities in several ways, including speech and communication. A loss of these abilities can be devastating for both the individual and their loved ones.

Paramount Home Health Services offers speech therapy services to help patients relearn and regain confidence in communication, eating, swallowing and more. Our Speech Therapists will work closely with you or your loved one to create a customized plan of care unique to your needs. Speech therapy with Paramount Home Health Services includes assistance with:

  • Cognitive therapy

  • Post stroke therapy and training

  • Swallowing

  • Talking

  • Voice therapy

Child In Speech Therapy

The benefits of speech and language therapy vary for each patient depending on their individualized goals. We help patients speak more clearly and fluently, understand/use language more efficiently, improve vocal quality, increase swallow safety and enhance their cognitive skills for a better quality of life.

When a patient finishes therapy, they can safely utilize strategies and techniques independently or with minimal assistance outside of the clinic. We expect them to confidently maintain their level of communication, swallowing skills, cognitive abilities and vocal quality in various scenarios of their daily life. For more information or to set up a free consultation with a Registered Nurse (RN), contact us at 888 628-4039, 239 688-1073, 239 689-8704. All Paramount Home Health Services staff are licensed and insured and have passed local, state and federal background checks.

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